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local business website designLocal business website design… there is more to it than meets the eye.

When a visitor comes to your website, they should feel similar to when they come into your business. In other words, we want to create an online personality that matches your business personality.

Some call this a USP or Unique Selling Proposition. This is why we ask everyone who uses our services to take some thoughtful time when they fill out our website design survey. Your answers to these questions help us find your USP and transfer it to your company website design.

As a business owner, your website’s most important goal is to bring more people to your physical location to do business with you. Yes, you want to target your local area! But… you should also consider if there are other ways to monetize your good website design.

You might also want to spread out beyond your local customer base by providing information to a worldwide audience to earn potential income from their visits to your website.

We need to do a few things to make local business website design work for you:website design

  • Learn how people search online for your product or service, and discover the competition you have online.
  • Simple website design that consists of the search words people are using, especially your town or city name, and perhaps your region or state/province, in your page content.
  • To ensure that when people go looking for your product or service, we obtain links back to your site. At the same time, we build your business’s online credibility by engaging visitors, especially on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • To keep them coming back to your site and become loyal customers, consider offering a newsletter or e-zine with special offers, discount coupons, etc.
  • Use Google website design tenets for a common sense approach to developing a site that will rank well on search engines and create a positive experience for you site visitors.

Good local business website design looks beyond the obvious goal of reaching locals to determine if it can become an additional income stream for you. In most cases it can.

Content Is King

The most important aspect of your website design can be summed up in one word… content. Content is more than images, videos and fancy site elements. Content is providing your visitors with the information they are looking for that has perceived value.

Will you pleasantly surprise them by over delivering? When they land on your home page we want them to be impressed with the content they are finding. Then we want them to take action that results in your desired outcome. That could be a sign up to your mailing list, a phone call, or an appointment.

User Friendly Local Business Website Design

Because of our unique location on the the Idaho/Wyoming boarder, we work with many local businesses doing Idaho website design and Wyoming website design. Locals affectionately refer to our beautiful Teton Valley as Wydaho.

We love helping our local friends and neighbors grow their businesses when we do local Teton Valley website design for them. Local search is the most important part of a website design for small business owners who depend on their local markets.

Responsive Website Design

More and more people are searching online for what they need with their smart phones and tablets. A responsive website is an important feature we incorporate into your website design to make it look good and function well on every device that has Internet access.

responsive website

In todays culture responsive design is very important for the end user… your site visitor. Our website design business incorporates the necessary technology to make you look good when someone traveling is using their smart phone as well as the mom using her iPad in the kitchen.

You can find some great examples by visiting our Best Design Business Website Gallery.

Other Local Business Website Design Considerations

Search Engines Ranking When we build your site we use the most up to date html code, css website design, and php functionality.

We also use WordPress themes so that you can make changes to your own website whenever you want, or take on the full responsibility of maintaining it.

Now click to Search Engines Ranking to learn how to get found online now that you have a great local business website design.

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