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Internet Web Site MarketingInternet web site marketing is effective when visitors to your site find what they’re searching for… and more. You “Pre-sell” by promising less and delivering more… more relevant, original content about the very thing they searched for.

This will deepen the relationship. Deepening your “Brand of One” is where the majority of online marketing solutions fail.

Once you’ve developed your Customer Persona (so you know who your target market is), reach out to them. Build a community of loyal followers who will tell others about you.

internet website marketing

From Strangers To Friends

When visitors first find you they are complete strangers. It’s then up to your online marketing strategy to help them develop trust and confidence in you.

It is part of the ongoing maintenance your internet website marketing needs to keep it fresh and relevant.

You see, people are looking for a reason to believe that doing business with you will benefit them at their core level.

They want to see the connection between:

1. A specifically desired feature of a product or service,

2. The rational benefit it leads to, 

3. And the emotional end benefit the visitor can rationally connect to their desire.

We Know What Your Thinking, “What?!”

For example, let’s say you sell ski boots, and what makes you unique is your boot fit guarantee. As a service oriented pro shop, you focus on quality over quantity. Your customers are more than happy to pay the full price your service calls for.

How do you communicate this through internet web site marketing or “Google Marketing” campaigns in a way that compels a visitor to pay more for a pair of boots from you, than from your competition?

Let’s Look At Two Ads Side By Side

Your keyword is “ski boots”.

Pain Free Ski Boots
The ultimate pain free skiing
True fit painless ski boots

This ad attempts to communicate the emotional benefit of pain free skiing but comes across “hypey” because there’s no logical grounding to an actual feature or function that’s obviously connected to the emotions.

  • What makes these boots the “the ultimate pain free skiing”?
  • Why should the user believe they’ll “truly fit”?

Because the ad has to “scream” from shaky ground it won’t be effective, because there’s no “reason to believe”.

This is what happens when people try to “add a little emotional attitude” to their advertising copy without understanding how emotion is actually grounded in reason!

Now compare this to the second ad in the right-hand column.

Custom Fit Ski Boots
Transcend pain like the pros
w/ guaranteed fit ski boots

This author understands the connection between:

  • a specifically desired feature of the product (custom fit)
  • the rational benefit it “ladders up to” (eliminates pain)
  • the emotional end benefit of skiing like a pro which is cool and sexy (combined into “transcendence” and gently inserted in a single word).

Here the emotional leverage is anchored in something solid the consumer can rationally connect to their desire.

The ad is much more believable and should not only get a higher Click Through Rate (CTR), but attract a more motivated prospect with the right emotional expectations to buy.

This person will feel cool and sexy by being a better skier because their feet are pain free!

Make Visitors Take Notice

These principles need to guide your internet web site marketing. Here’s another way to think about it. When you offer some real, compelling content that makes your site stand out from everybody else’s, visitors take notice. They are much more likely to:

  • Sign Up For A Newsletter
  • Subscribe To Your RRS Feed
  • Like Your Facebook Page
  • Share Your Content On Social Networks
  • Bookmark Your Website
  • Take Advantage of Special Offers
  • Leave A Comment On Your Site

For your visitors to become more engaged, all of the above should be built into you internet web site marketing and made easy for your site visitors to take advantage of with a click of the mouse or a touch of the screen.

Your online business marketing should move beyond your site with additional ways to stay connected with your visitors. The more opportunities they have to understand the benefits of your product and services, the more reason they have to share what they discover with others.

Our Deluxe Traffic Website incorporates most everything needed to welcome your new visitors into your business or organization’s family and have the opportunity to be part of your inner circle. This includes making sure you are taking advantage of many free online directories by listing your business with them.

We can set up all your online accounts, connect them to your website and even help you take advantage of the marketing other companies do for you for free.

Some of the Better Directories Include:

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Engines
  • Manta, Yelp, Merchant Circle, CitySearch
  • Local Newspaper, Local Chamber of Commerce

Effective Internet Web Site Marketing

Google marketing is the most effective, all-in-one online tool available for marketing online. We set up your internet web site marketing with Google analytics to track everything that happens for your business online.

We can see where all your site traffic comes from, who is searching for you, how long they stay on your site, what pages they visit, what kind of device they’re using…  generating up to 85 different reports that will help you analyze all possible data about your website traffic.

It not only tracks visitors to your site or the number of page views, it can be used to see which content gets the most visits, time on site per visit, which ads are driving the most visitors to your site, it tracks the performances of your marketing campaigns, including AdWords, Adsense, emails and much, much more.

We also offer internet consulting services that include additional ways to build a community out of your visitors.

For example, you can deliver great content to subscribers through your own e-zine. This builds trust. It legitimizes you. And it ultimately causes visitors to know you, like you and do business with you. We offer the best email marketing software for your e-zine through AWeber.

And Did You Know You Can Buy Traffic?

Internet Marketing campaigns can help you bring visitors to your website through pay-per-click advertising. This is helpful when your site is new and not getting much traffic, or when you want to target a specific market.

From your landing page design, ad copy, and url choice, search engines will rate your ad by giving it a quality score. Usually it’s from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best score possible.

The better you score, the better your ads place. It means you beat your completion and simply eliminate them from running an effective internet web site marketing campaign that would compete with your own.

internet web site marketingIt’s like having the reputation of being the highest bidder at an auction. Other bidders give up early because they know they can’t out bid you.

Our campaigns consistently earn quality scores of 7 or more. That’s considered very good!

Design → SEO → Pre-sell

Get Found. Get Results!

Now’s The Time To Get Started!


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