Marketing Online?
Does Your Business Struggle To Get Found and Get Results?

Meet dsprindle.

It’s the smart way to turn your costly marketing online into a smart investment that grows your bottom line.


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Get Found. Get Results!
The Advantage With dsp h1 is 3-Fold.

A website without visitors is a waste of money no matter how great your site looks. Our simple process leads to marketing online success for businesses and organizations. Ones just like yours!

New online or not, we’ll build you a marketing tool with…


Local Business Website Design
Search Engines Ranking

Internet Web Site Marketing


Will You Be Found?

We believe that in today’s economy an online presence is important for any business, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach marketing online with the Internet.

The most important thing we can tell you about investing in a website is this… do not do anything… nothing… until you check out what we have to say about getting found and getting results from marketing online.

No Traffic? No Results!

A website is a waste of money if people cannot find you on the Internet. By not utilizing an effective online marketing process, you are never found by the people searching online for what you offer.

Without a steady flow of traffic (website visitors), your website just sits there costing you money instead of making you money. If built correctly, your website becomes a monetizing tool for your business.


What People Are Saying…


“Scott’s online experience saved me a ton of time and money.

I would have been lost without learning what he teaches about marketing online, and leads are the bread and butter of my business.”

Ebin Barnett,
Business Development


“I have worked with Scott the last five years and consider him, first and foremost, a friend.

Beyond our friendship, he is also a business mentor who has mastered the fundamentals of marketing online.”

James Flaherty,
Strategic Account Manager
Chrome Systems, Inc.


Marketing Online Process

To simplify, the online process can be thought of as dsp h1 text :

Design → SEO → Pre-sell → Results!

While most website builders focus on design, we focus on the entire online marketing process from start to finish with guaranteed* results.

Your website should position you as the leader in what your visitors are looking for. Then it becomes a valuable asset to your business and customers, increasing the net worth of your business.

Once you have a highly ranked website in place it becomes an online marketing tool that works for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your business life.

How It Works

Let’s say you’re a dentist. Sally is chewing her gum and suddenly feels a big chunk of filling come out of her tooth. Not having been to a dentist in a while, she decides to search online for a local dentist. Sally searches ‘my city dentist’ and you are one of the first dental practices to be listed in the search engine results.

“Well he must be a good dentist, I’ll check him out”, she thinks to herself. Sally trusts Google, which in her thinking means you must be a reputable dentist, so she clicks on the link to your website. Liking what she finds on your site, she calls and makes an appointment to get her tooth fixed.

Get Started. Get Found. Get Results!

Contact us and we’ll get you started with our free custom online marketing plan that provides the foundation to your online marketing strategy.

Local Business Website Design
A local website business design should have the goal to connect with local customers, but can also provide additional revenue streams for your business.

Search Engines Ranking
Top search engines ranking is important to drive traffic to your website and build credibility with visitors who find you when searching online.

Internet Web Site Marketing
Our internet web site marketing strategy will build trust with your web site visitors who will convince themselves to do business with you. They look for you instead of you looking for them.

Learn more by taking some time to read our Action Guide. It’s a step-by-step roadmap to help you determine what kind of online marketing strategy is best for your business.

Simple Website Design
A simple website design should be user friendly to both your visitors and the search engines. This means visually pleasing and easily navigated by humans, but optimized for engine bots.

The Google Engine
The Google engine still provides over 70% of online search results and protects their customers with Panda and Penguin. What do these two birds mean to your website?

Internet Marketing Campaigns
Good Internet marketing campaigns include a way to emotionally engage your visitors and build relationships through constant contact with list building.


Our Team

  • Scott Prindle
    Scott Prindle
    Project Manager/Developer

    D Scott Prindle (who goes by Scott) is an entrepreneur at heart. He has started over ten businesses, many which still thrive today. Start-ups are his favorite. Working with people who are just starting their own business is his specialty. From business development to marketing, D Scott Prindle has decades of small business experience. He has three…

  • Matt Prindle
    Matt Prindle
    Business Consultant

    Matt is an entertainer of ideas. Lover of people. Entrepreneur by nature. With a degree in Entrepreneurial Business from Bosie State, he has taken business development to the next level. Having started several successful ventures, his current collaborations include Yogi Surprise and Thinksect. Creative direction, branding, product design, web development, graphic design, UX, UI are all…

  • Lindsay Seligman
    Lindsay Seligman
    Creative Design

    Lindsay Seligman enjoys merging technical design with a unique artistic flair, arising from years of experience in traditional art. She is a branding, design, web and marketing specialist with a deep passion for sustainability. Lindsay is currently a freelance designer living in Portland, Oregon. She spends her free time rock climbing, hiking, and doing yoga….

  • Ben Prindle
    Ben Prindle
    Media Production

    Ben Prindle collaborates with clients and teams to produce effective content for targeted audiences through video and photographic productions. Formerly he was the Director of Photography for Conscious Box, and frequently visited Los Angeles to produce videos for Life Pacific College, and a variety of other projects. Currently he works with CrateJoy producing educational videos for…

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